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Jeans and cardigan

It’s Kids Clothes Week Fall 2013!

Today I’d like to share some clothing I made the past few days for my son. I purchased the SewFab pdf sewing pattern bundle last month (the sale is closed now) and have been trying to make new fall/winter clothing out of the pattern bundle.

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Back to routine

Hi friends,

It’s been quite a while since last time I wrote something. Now I am finally back to my normal life. Kid is back at school earlier this month, and I got myself more “me time” to sew and create.


This is his new backpack. His old one is still nice and good, but just too small, not enough space to hold his nap towel/pillow, etc. So this time I made sure it’s big enough. The material is a nice waterproof nylon from my friend, I love the print! I don’t know what it is called, but she got it oversea. The lining is rip-stop nylon from my stash, it’s water repellent (not waterproof though). I also added red piping to the backpack front. The pattern needs a few more tweak though, but overall I like how it came out.

This summer a lot happened in my small world. My kid and I took a month-long trip across the country to see my parents, and also to overseas in two different countries for a family event and see my in-laws, relatives, and friends. It’s fun meeting relatives and friends after so many years (some of them I didn’t see more than five years!), and at the same time it’s super tiring. My husband joined us in the later part of our trip, and we made home safely after 15+ hours of international flights. Now the summer is over, I want to remember all the happy moments and leave behind all the sad parts.

Recently I focus more on creating items for my Etsy shop and also spend more time on machine embroidery. I will share more on upcoming posts.

Have a great day!

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Western day outfit

My son’s school celebrated Western Day about two weeks ago and kids were encouraged to wear western outfits on that day for the school event. So I made him this look (shirt, scarf, and hat) ūüôā


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Covert Robin- what I made for Kat

A while ago I mentioned that I participated in the Covert Robin¬†handmade gifts exchange, I just received my gifts and my swap buddy also got the one I sent, so it’s time to share what I made, and what I got (this will be in another post.) !

My Covert Robin buddy is Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes¬†in New Zealand. From her blog I knew she adores 40s and 50s styles and oh my! she sews a lot of nice and elegant dresses! Although I sometimes sew for myself too, I know very little about vintage style. As I read on, I found she is also a mom with little kid. There’re several thoughts running through my head about what to make for her, what fabric to use, and what kind of prints she may like. At last, I decided to make a pair of indoor slipper and a wet bag.


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A little update

It has been two weeks since my last blog post. Sorry for being quiet for such long time, and thank you for coming to see me! ¬† The first week was really terrible. I was having bad headache, feeling very cold and running a fever everyday. Couldn’t find the cause of the sickness, and I was like living on the pain-killer. The second week I was getting better, but then I caught a cold from my husband. >.<

Enough with the sick stuff,,, now I feel 90% back to my normal self and I really miss my sewing machine! ¬†I’ve signed up the Covert Robin several weeks ago and have been thinking about what to make for my gift recipient. Yesterday I finally decided on the fabrics I’ll be using:


Hope this will be the theme she likes! ¬† ¬† The Covert Robin will be the project I focused on recently. After that I will definitely write more of my sewing creations…


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Envelope Clutch sew-along on See Kate Sew


Are you sewing along with Kate on See Kate Sew? She announced the Envelope Clutch Sew-Along last week and I instantly signed up! You can find the sew-along post here.¬†The tutorial is easy to follow and very quick to finish.¬† Read the rest of this entry »


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Spring closet- plaid henley shirt

After the baseball henley shirt, I made a second henley shirt for my baby.


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