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Fall t-shirts / undershirts done!



Hi friends,

Is the weather cooling down in your area? Here in the south we still have high 80+ to 90+ degrees almost everyday, but you know it could drop suddenly.  I start organizing my son’s closet recently and couldn’t find enough long-sleeve shirts from last year, therefore I stopped the projects in my hand and made some long-sleeve shirts for him.

The pattern I used is from Ottobre Design,  6/2012 issue. I like their patterns! Although I own two issues of Ottobre Design only, and maybe made only four or five designs out of their 40 designs per issue, the garments fit my son quite nicely (most of the time).  For this particular long-sleeve t-shirt, I only adjusted the sleeve seams a little bit.

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Posted by on October 3, 2013 in Children


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