Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day {CLOSED}

The winner of this giveaway is Kate in St. Louis! (the winner has been contacted.)RANDOM 05102013

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first giveaway. I enjoyed reading each and every of your comments!

Warm wishes to you and your loved ones,


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Western day outfit

My son’s school celebrated Western Day about two weeks ago and kids were encouraged to wear western outfits on that day for the school event. So I made him this look (shirt, scarf, and hat) 🙂


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Kids Clothes Week- Spring 2013

This past week is the Kids Clothes Week- Spring 2013!! (today is the last day to upload pictures to their flickr group) Were you there too? I just uploaded mine this morning and found there’re so many cute and fun inspirations!


For this past week, I mainly focused on sewing for girls/baby girls. I started drafting patterns for girl clothing a while ago and have been testing and revising, so you guess it.., I have a couple of work-in-progress projects to be finished. Thanks to Kids Clothes Week, I pushed myself to at least get these done!


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Covert Robin- what I received from Zane

At the Covert Robin mystery handmade gift exchange, we don’t know who is sending the gift to us. I think that’s one of the most fun parts. So when the mail carrier rang my doorbell and handed me a box from Zane in Latvia, I was totally surprised!

Zane is my sweet robin, she lives in Latvia and she blogs at akwiinas. See, a box full of goodies!


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Covert Robin- what I made for Kat

A while ago I mentioned that I participated in the Covert Robin handmade gifts exchange, I just received my gifts and my swap buddy also got the one I sent, so it’s time to share what I made, and what I got (this will be in another post.) !

My Covert Robin buddy is Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes in New Zealand. From her blog I knew she adores 40s and 50s styles and oh my! she sews a lot of nice and elegant dresses! Although I sometimes sew for myself too, I know very little about vintage style. As I read on, I found she is also a mom with little kid. There’re several thoughts running through my head about what to make for her, what fabric to use, and what kind of prints she may like. At last, I decided to make a pair of indoor slipper and a wet bag.


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Craftsy BOM 2013- February

Today I’m sharing the (Craftsy BOM) February block I made. (yes, I know it’s already a week into April….:p)


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Craftsy BOM 2013 with Laura Nownes- January

Is anyone also following Craftsy Block of Month 2013? I found this class when they just started in January, I liked the layout of the whole quilts and decided to quilt along! The link to the class is here, you will need to register to take the class.

Here is my January blocks- we need to make four blocks with the same pattern. I think this is called Log Cabin?  I used my scrap fabrics for this block, somehow the dots and stripes turned out to be an interesting combination.



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