Covert Robin- what I received from Zane

18 Apr

At the Covert Robin mystery handmade gift exchange, we don’t know who is sending the gift to us. I think that’s one of the most fun parts. So when the mail carrier rang my doorbell and handed me a box from Zane in Latvia, I was totally surprised!

Zane is my sweet robin, she lives in Latvia and she blogs at akwiinas. See, a box full of goodies!


My son immediately spotted the candies while I was reading the letter from Zane with excitement. The candies were gone pretty soon. (these are really nice chocolate, I love the mystery sweetness inside. ) The bag with yellow granules is bee pollen. I didn’t know any about bee pollen before. It’s said to be rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants!  She also included a bag of mint tea leaves from her garden. I love its pungent smell.


She also sent me a cute pincushion ring with several decorative pins. Ah, I read about making pincushion rings somewhere and thought they are really cute. She told me the white lace on the ring is made in Latvia lace factory with 100 + years history. How cool is that!  


Close-up shot of the ring and pins. I just love it!  


The two postcards are photographed by her: one of her garden lawn, and the other one of Riga lights festival. I love handmade postcards. The bath ball smells wonderful. I saw bath balls before but never tried it myself. It looks like it’s gonna be a sweet experience!  The lace thing is an eye mask. Inside the mask is a bunch of dried mint leaves. She told me to soak the whole eye mask in hot water for a couple of minutes, and then put it on top of eyes. I think this is a great idea. 


Thank you Zane! I really love what you sent me and I am glad to know you. 


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