Kid’s raincoat poncho- ocean whale

16 Jan

The wet, rainy day becomes lovely with cute raincoat, don’t you think?


I was so excited when I saw this tutorial at Prudent Baby.  It was two days before my son returns to school from his winter break and the weather forecast predicted a very wet week ahead. The tutorial is quite straight-forward and easy to follow.  Basically I used his current jacket to cut a big circle and cut out three holes for neck and sleeves from the big circle. Then I used my basic long-sleeve and hood patterns to cut fabric for this two parts.   Then I followed pretty much the same sewing steps as described in the tutorial.

This laminated cotton by Anne Kelle for Robert kaufman is from her urban zoologie slicker collection. I bought this over an year ago planning to make a kid’s raincoat. But our state was under serious drought then and there’s no rain! I’m happy that the normal weather is back.

The lining fabric is linen/cotton blend. It’s making the raincoat a bit heavy….not a good choice. A quilt-weight cotton print would be ideal, I think.


My son likes his raincoat and rain boots. That’s the best part of sewing for someone I love.

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