Happy New Year 2013!

07 Jan

Happy New Year!

I know I didn’t post anything for almost half a year, but no, I didn’t abandon my little blog yet.  Whatever excuses I have, I am going to contribute more time to my blog coming this new year.   Last year I resolved to buy no more mass market clothing for my family (me, my husband, and my kid) and I am happy to announce that I did it! Except those cute clothing gifts from my family. To achieve this goal, I was somehow pushed into commit more time learning sewing. That’s good for me because I did learn a lot from this instead of wasting time doing nothing.

This year I set more goals for myself:

–Buy no mass market clothing.

I wish to make more and better clothing for my family.

–Keep my spirits high most of the time, if not always.

The reason for the lack of posts last year… too much negative imagery.  I resolve to embrace my days with more positive thoughts. Be happy.

–Explore the marketplace of handmade items.

I already have a Etsy store set up a while ago and currently I am working on to have some items listed for sale!

–More blogging.

Yes I will! I posted photos of my finished projects on FB for my friends/family to see, but never quite spent time blogging about them. This year I will write more here.


That’s all. Here I am off to a brand new start!



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